Reducing litter and plastic pollution

States with a ten-cent deposit value have 84% less beverage container litter per capita than states without a deposit law. Stopping plastic pollution at its source helps prevent bottles from leaking into the ocean through rivers and coastal areas. More litter impact data can be found here.

Creating green jobs

Recycling Refund programs create jobs by capturing valuable recyclables that are currently going in the trash or littered. For example, a 2019 study found that modernizing New York’s Recycling Refund program would create a net job gain of over 2,000 jobs statewide. Jobs created in Recycling Refund program include redemption center staff, truck drivers, reverse vending technicians, processing facility staff and more.

Saving towns money

Recycling and waste costs have risen substantially in Connecticut in recent years. Towns are currently paying to throw away approximately 69,664 tons of beverage containers according to the Governor’s Council on Environmental Quality. Diverting more of this material away from the costly waste and curbside recycling system will save money for towns.

Cans for Cause founders Ashley and Hailey Scalia of Middletown which have raised over $20,000 for 31 charities and community initiatives through bottle deposits since 2018.

Raising money for charities

Deposit programs give litter a value. Every month, Connecticut Boy Scout troops, school marching bands and charities host fundraisers supported by container deposits.