To keep our communities clean and create a circular economy, Connecticut’s Recycling Refund program is getting an upgrade.

Most beverages containers are now worth twice as much

Starting January 1, 2024 a new state law increases the refundable can and bottle deposit value from 5 to 10₵. Customers are fully refunded the dime when cans and bottles are returned to the store or redemption center.​ Connecticut’s deposit law has been proven to reduce plastic waste, litter and increase recycling.

Find out how to redeem containers for deposit money.

Clean Loop Recycling

Worldwide, around 1.4 trillion cans and bottles are used every year. While some of these containers are recycled, too many of them end up in our streets, oceans and landfills. We strive to reduce society’s reliance on raw materials by enabling drink bottles, cans, and other packaging to be continually recycled in a Clean Loop.

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