What is the purpose of Connecticut’s container deposit refund and recycling program?

Why is the deposit recycling program needed in addition to curbside recycling?

What products/beverages are eligible for a deposit refund?

How do I return my containers for recycling and get my deposit money back?

Why are some containers not accepted by Reverse Vending Machines?

How did this deposit recycling program start?

Why were liquor “nips” or miniatures left out of the deposit program?

What happens to containers after they are redeemed at the store?

Shouldn’t we be focusing on reuse or reduction instead of recycling in order to help the environment?

What happens to the deposits that are not redeemed?

What happens if a store’s bottle room is closed or a Reverse Vending Machine is not in service?

Can Reverse Vending Machines accept square containers?

What does “CTRV” on beverage containers mean?